Up to standard

Renovation and restoration

Is your veranda or pergola in need of renovation, preventing you from enjoying your garden to the fullest? Apart from building new verandas and pergolas, Gesbo is also your perfect partner for renovation work, even if the wood or aluminium veranda was built and installed by a different manufacturer.

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Tailored to your preferences

Whether you require minor restoration work or a complete renovation, the Gesbo team is here to help. After carrying out a thorough analysis, we determine a suitable solution, one that best meets your needs and budget. Restoration, renovation, expansion, insulation… the possibilities are virtually endless. The finish is also brought up to standard and in keeping with the style of your home, as well as your personal preferences.

Best price and quality

What can you expect? Our expert visits your home and makes the necessary assessments. To ensure a successful renovation project, we examine all possible options, from restoration to renovation. The various options are then presented in detail in a proposal. This prevents any unpleasant surprises. After receiving the order, the work is scheduled and carried out as quickly as possible.

Curious about the possibilities?

Gesbo has carried out numerous renovations. Contact us or drop by our showroom for more information.